2018 Virgin Pulse Global Challenge

We are pleased to announce that FSL have registered it to take part in the 2018 Virgin Pulse Global Challenge.

The Global Challenge (GC) is a team-based adventure that will have you walking, running, or ballroom dancing your way across 140+ of the world’s most exciting locations on a virtual 100 Day Journey around the globe.

The Challenge will kick off on May 23rd and will encourage physical activity, healthy eating, stress resilience, sleep quality and healthy habits. Together members will form teams, set goals, encourage each other to make healthy choices every day.

But it’s not just about getting healthy, it’s about getting to know their colleagues and having some fun along the way!

39,599 teams of seven from countries all over the world have registered for this year’s challenge. FSL is taking part in the GC for 2nd year running and have entered two teams, with team captains motivating and encouraging employees throughout the 100 days.

Online, employees can track their progress, view how far they’ve walked, what country they are near and how many steps they have completed. Statistics are collected and reported on a weekly basis to all FSL employees.

FSL are committed to create thriving workplace culture where employees are engaged, supported and empowered to bring their best selves to work, every day.