On the 6th July, a team from FSL joined this year’s JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (JPMCC).

The JMPCC is now the world’s largest corporate running event and is on its 35th year.  The 5.6 km race around London’s beautiful Battersea Park raised money for Centrepoint, the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity.

Well done to this year’s team that was made up of Michael Edwards, Joe Hughes, Charlene Newby, Leona Forster, Andy Hobson and Paul Webb-Jones.

Michael Edwards, FSL’s Managing Director and a JMPCC regular, was pleased with the team’s performance… “An amazing effort from the FSL team at this year’s JP Morgan Corporate Challenge London.  I love the true camaraderie and team spirit, it’s especially needed when you get to the 5k mark and remember that you are in a 5.6k race!  This was my 3rd year participating in this fantastic event and great to see so many of our clients taking part too.”

First-timer Leona commented… “I decided to give running a shot for the first time.  I wanted to try something new and push myself out of my usual fitness routine.  And you know what? It was awesome! I ran 5.6km without stopping, and it felt amazing. I’m definitely going to keep it up and sign up for next year’s race.”

Paul was thrilled with his effort… “Having just turned 50, I thought I’d prove to myself I can still run further than a few meters to the nearest bar! I downloaded the couch to 5K app and started my training in early April, I got to week 3 and thought that was enough! Needless to say I arrived at the start line with no running fitness whatsoever in the hope Leona knew how to work a deliberator! 41.34 mins later and 5.6 km covered I’d finished! I rewarded myself with a cheese burger, full fat coke and washed that down with a cold can of cider. I thought to myself this is how 50 year old Olympians train and reward themselves! Well done team we smashed it!!!”

As always, FSL’s team enjoyed their experience at the 2023 JPMCC and look forward to taking part again next year.