Two heads are better than one: the partnership between FSL and Acutest

Just like the famous saying “two heads are better than one”, a successful business needs cooperation and partnership.  No matter whether this is cooperation between different departments or partnerships between different companies, it is an effective way to solve business problems and challenges.

As a software company focusing on a niche area FSL partnered with Acutest in April 2016 for its testing services.  A team of Acutest’s Testing and Business Specialists sit with FSL’s own software developers and business analysts.  They work closely to improve the quality of our new releases, reduce disruption and ensure implementations and upgrades run smoothly.

The Acutest Consultants here at FSL fully manage the testing process.  This allows FSL to focus on its core business.  The team follow the Disciplined Agile Framework that FSL has incorporated in its software development.  They test in conjunction with the development of new software to ensure bugs are quickly identified to speed up releases.

Acutest’s QA Consultants work closely with FSL’s Business Analyst Team, who provide the business requirement input to the testing framework.   Acutest employ their expertise to ensure these are included and have built significant automated test suites to ensure the continued reliability and accuracy of our products.

The Test Automation Service offered by Acutest has brought significant benefits to the whole partnership.  The combination of industry best practice, experience of a wide range of technology platforms and an approach that is driven by business value, provides a sustainable test automation solution.

Furthermore, Acutest’s Graduate Scheme has meant that FSL has been able to benefit from an annual influx of new consultants.  Bringing with them fresh ideas, new skills and innovations.  Many of whom stay on to form part of the permanent team.

To sum up, having an expert like Acutest to perform testing has accelerated and increased test coverage for FSL.  It has also reduced bugs meaning fewer early life support requirements and increased customer confidence in new releases.