Ken Gillingham Retires From FSL

After eight successful years with FSL, we are bidding farewell to our Managing Director, Ken Gillingham, as he begins his retirement.  Ken joined FSL in 2014 to lead it through structural change, and has made sure that it emerged a market leader.  His expertise meant that FSL achieved a level of operational excellence that is highly rated by our clients and partners.

“It is the end of an era at FSL with the retirement of Ken as Managing Director.  He has made a remarkable impact on the company.  He took the reins in 2014, became the face of FSL and turned it into a company with an extraordinary reputation for quality and service.

From meetings with both clients and staff whenever we talk about Ken there is always a warmth and open acknowledgement that they thoroughly enjoy talking with Ken.  The mark of a sound leader, both fair and firm yet open and accessible.

Everyone at FSL will miss having Ken as part of their working lives and wish him every success in his retirement plans.”  David Pirrie

We are sad to see Ken go, but we all wish him a carefree and relaxing retirement.