New Members of the FSL Team – Development & Research Teams Update

2018 was a year of growth at FSL where we welcomed five new members to our team.

Alex, Gabriele and Darren joined the Development team:

“I joined FSL in April 2018 to work as a Front End developer.  Since then I have worked on some of the biggest projects in the company.  I prepare the design and develop the User Interface – I enjoy working fast and precisely.  I am looking forward to developing all the new ideas and make them reality from a UI perspective.  Whilst also learning new stuff and improving myself every day.

I enjoy working for such an active firm like FSL where ideas can be implemented into the business in a short period.“



“In October 2018 I joined FSL as a Software Developer.  It has been a great experience as I have been working with the latest technology and with a strong and open team.  I find developing financial software rewarding.

I’m looking forward to growing in the company and contributing with my ideas and work.”




“I joined FSL in November as a C# Developer to work on the CGiX application as well as the database.  I’ve been developing software for more than 15 years and settling in has been a breeze as the guys are very friendly and welcoming.  There’s lots of opportunities for someone with the right mentality to come in and really make a difference.

Hopefully I can rise to the challenge.”



We also created a brand new Research and Strategy team with Andrea and Taylor:

“I joined FSL in July 2018 to lead the newly created Research and Strategy team.  Having previously worked for large multinational companies, FSL is a refreshing change with less bureaucracy and a faster pace.

I am looking forward to talking to our customers and working with them to identify and develop new propositions for FSL; as well as working with the Board to build our future strategy.”



“Since I joined FSL in July 2018, it has been a happy journey.  As a Research Analyst, I have been focusing on analysing FSL’s customers, competitors and market in order to work out future development strategies for the business.  While working together with Andrea, we have given a better understanding of the customers’ needs to the wider team and started to make changes and develop new functions in our current products.

I enjoy working for such an active firm like FSL where ideas can be implemented into the business in a short period.”