News from FSL – July 2022

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Product & Service Update

CGiX Update:  Notional Disposal CSV Optimisation

As part of our continued drive to optimise the extracting of large data sets from CGiX, we have now delivered substantially improved runtimes for our suite of the Notional Disposal CSV Extracts. This is now available as standard functionality in our latest version of CGiX (v7.10.x.x).

CGiX Update:  Installer Enhancement

Following client feed-back we have enhanced our CGiX installers to allow the selection of either http or https-based URL’s. This is available from version 7.10 onwards.

CGiX Technology Roadmap Update:

The latest version of CGiX (7.10.x.x) has been upgraded to run on Microsoft .Net 6. This is supported by Microsoft until November 2024.  Moving forward we will be developing CGiX on LTS versions of .Net only.  This will allow our clients to plan their technology upgrades multiple years into the future.

For more information, please refer to our Platform Technology Roadmap on the Customer Portal.

Introducing FSL’s Tax Consultancy

We are very pleased to announce the launch of a new service within the FSL suite…. Tax Consultancy.

The FSL Tax Consultancy offers clients:

  • Systems reconciliation for capital gains and income.
  • Data cleansing and query resolution including treatment of securities, calculation of chargeable disposals and corporate actions.
  • Tax pack validation and review.

The service offers on site assistance, working with your systems and with your teams to identify potential areas where issues may arise.

Bespoke training courses are also available covering:

  • CGiX
  • CGT and Income Tax rules, legislation and practice
  • Excess reportable income and Offshore equalisation.

For more information, please contact the BA Team.

FSL News & Views Update

Tax Talk:

Our new series of articles from FSL’s own Tax Specialist Alex Ranahan continue covering:  Main Residence Tax Relief, Residence & Domicile and a Modern Tax System.

FSL Chain Mail:

The most recent editions contain links examining the impact of inflation and the Queen’s speech at the opening of Parliament.

ESG Key Themes:

The recent articles on ESG have focused on ESG Data and Reporting and the debate over the effectiveness of shareholder divestment vs. engagement.

Latest ESG Conferences:

We have attended a couple of industry ESG conferences recently and summarized the key points from the 7th Annual Economist Sustainability Week and  the Chartered Governance Institute’s (CGI) ESG Summit 2022.

FSL Presents Nick Leeson

In May, FSL were pleased to see those that attended our exclusive evening with Nick Leeson.

It was extremely interesting to hear his story and understand the events that led to the collapse of Barings Bank in 1995.  The impact of which can still be felt in the financial services sector through the increased levels of compliance, risk management and audit.

We look forward to running similar events in the future.