News from FSL – October 2021

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Product & Service Update

CGiX Upgrades: New Development Partnerships

As part of a series of partnership developments with customers, we have been working with several leading investment banks.

One specific project was the development of SAML2 authentication, authorisation and single sign-on.  This was designed to reduce the administrative overhead of managing the access control for CGiX and improve the overall user experience.

We are also developing a new Web API solution for off platform ad-hoc and bulk tax reporting.

CGiX Update: Multi-jurisdiction Capabilites

We have recently received several requests regarding CGiX’s coverage of non-UK tax reporting.

To clarify, CGiX currently has built-in capability to calculate CGT liability for UK, Irish and US client reports.

  • UK: Individual, Corporate, Life, Trust & Non-Residential Trust.
  • Irish: Individual & Trust.
  • US: Individual.

We are also investigating the expansion of CGiX to include other jurisdictions and would welcome feedback from customers regarding potential areas of need.

Offshore Reporting Fund Update:

We have recently conducted a review of all customer ORF data contracts that has included moving the majority onto rolling contracts that allow for increased flexibility.  We are in ongoing discussions with customers to ensure they have the best terms available.

The Data Team are also continuing to implement new in-house procedures that require less manual work and are streamlining the ORF process.

ETHiX – Available For Trial

We are very pleased to announce the launch of a new product within the FSL suite….



ETHiX is an ESG portfolio rating and modelling tool.

It helps customer facing staff to enhance their use of ESG data.  ETHiX can enrich ESG discussions with clients, by providing an independent assessment, analysis and reporting of client portfolios and ESG models.

FSL have partnered with OWL Analytics, a specialist ESG data vendor, to offer ETHiX with a comprehensive data set covering more than 25,000 organisations and 130,000 funds.  Unlike other ESG data vendors, OWL data is derived using proprietary technology that reduces subjectivity at all levels of the scoring and ranking process, providing a firmer foundation for the use of ESG data in the investment process.

However, if you already have ESG data available, ETHiX has been developed to be ‘data vendor agnostic’ meaning that it can also be configured to a user’s own ESG data provider as well as any internal analyst sources.

ETHiX’s also comes with What-If functionality.  This offers the ability to rebalance your client’s portfolio based on their preferred ESG criteria.

More details about the tool, how it works and how it can benefit users can be found on our brand new ETHiX website (   There are also articles on the history of ESG, ESG data provision and regulations.

We are now offering trial access to ETHiX.  If you are interested in viewing ETHiX and discussing the trail, please contact:

FSL News & Views Update

CGiX Wins Again:

FSL have retained the award for Best Capital Gains Tax System at the 2021 Goodacre UK Systems in the City Awards.

FSL Chain Mail:

The latest edition focusses on the impact of the new Health & Social Care Bill on tax.  The July edition examined the growth of the world’s wealthy population.

OTS Report on Tax Year End:

Details of the OTS’s latest report on their investigation of moving tax year end.

New Members of the FSL Team:

FSL continues its rapid expansion through the strengthening of its business development function, with the appointment of Paul Webb-Jones.


An article that provides links to a number of podcasts that offer fresh ESG perspectives and an update on the activity leading up to COP26.

FSL Customer Survey

This month FSL will release our first ever customer satisfaction survey.

Like many companies we are keen to understand what our customers think of our products and services.  The findings will help us to shape both our current and future offerings.

The online survey will be sent to you via email.  We would really appreciate if you could take 10 minutes to complete the online questionnaire.

All feedback will be anonymous but hugely valuable to our strategic plans.

If you have any queries, then please contact: