Objectway & FSL Strengthen Relationship

Jack of All Trades vs Best Of Breed – it’s a choice

Most people know the phrase “Jack of all trades….. is a master of none”.  But what some people do not know is that the complete saying is “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”.

Is this the same in finance technology?  Is it better to buy one platform to do all functions?  Can it be realistic to expect one vendor (no matter how big) to be the best in all fields for your organisation?

More and more we see the approach of “Best of Breed” being adopted.  To deploy a flexible, adaptable and extensible platform architecture from your chosen best solutions you need to know that those choices can work together.  Pre-developed, proven application integration and interoperability provides organisations with the capability, choice and future flexibility necessary for the changing business environment.

By deploying the best solutions to a specific business service enables organisations to deliver the best in class experience for their clients.  The flexibility of a plug and play approach means organisations retain a solution agility which can flex and change along with their business without the reliance on a jack of all trades and vendor of one!

At FSL we pride ourselves on our long and successful focus on our target business and CGiX has long been recognised as a “Best of Breed” system in the market.  We focus on our core business and excel in our service provision.  We understand and appreciate that the power of an organisation is enhanced by its ability to plug and play their chosen “Best of Breed” solutions.

With that in mind FSL’s flagship product CGIX now has a certified integration capability with Objectway’s top-notch EXIMIUS portfolio management system.  This seamless integration provides effective What-If CGT liability impact data in support of the decision process within EXIMIUS.  This integration is in production, market proven and enabling effective decisions within organisations today.

Choose to build your best in class architecture by connecting the “Best of Breed” solutions for your organisation.

If you would like to see how CGiX can integrate with your platforms ready to build your “Best of Breed” solution for your clients, then please contact FSL where we will be happy to discuss.