Our Hopes for the Community in Khairang, Nepal

With Stand by Me and FSL support we can bring hope and change to this community so that together we can enable these kids, written off by society, to reach their full potential.

We hope to see the following in the years ahead:

  • Children having the confidence and ability to go to government high school thanks to a quality education in the early years and becoming literate, removing the stigma of their ‘low-caste’.
  • A dramatic reduction in the number of girls being forced to marry early as the community has its perception changed on the value of women.
  • A dramatic reduction in the number of children trafficked as awareness of the issue is raised and the girls, parents and community become equipped with how to deal with the danger.
  • An improvement in the understanding across the community of basic health and hygiene, including a good diet, ability to provide first aid, when to seek medical help and the desire to have and manage toilets.
  • Increased numbers of families becoming self-sufficient through the provision of livestock and other income generating projects.

FSL will be running a few separate initiatives in the coming months relating to this project and we would like to encourage others to get involved. For more information please visit