Round-up of Expert Predictions for 2019

We have been looking at some of the many predictions that market and industry experts are forecasting for 2019.  Here are a few of the ones we enjoyed the most….

The Financial Times predicted the UK’s economic trajectory by asking 81 economists their views on the possible outcomes following Brexit.  Unfortunately, the majority were pessimistic about 2019 with almost all forecasting that the uncertainty around Brexit will stunt the UK’s economic growth in the short term.

Deloitte’s report on the Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook for 2019 focusses on ten years on from the financial crisis.  They have identified six cross-sector themes that will impact the market including the pressure to transition away from LIBOR and the effects of regulatory actions on climate change. They also focus on specific sectors including Banking and Investment Management, siting key factors such as resolvability and payment for research.

Investment News offered nine predictions for financial advisers for 2019 comprising of the continued growth of multi-national companies, increasing levels of M&A, the impact of technology and the need to hold on to talent.

There were also many articles on the potential impact of technology including one from Finextra that looked at blockchain predictions for 2019 and 20 more AI predictions for 2019 from Forbes.