Round-up of Expert Predictions for 2020

To understand where the market might be heading in the new year, we have looked at some of the many expert predictions for 2020.  Below are a few of the articles that we think are interesting and would like to share with you.

Private Banker International shares the views of Ian Woodhouse, Head of Strategy and Change at Orbium, with the Wealth Industry’s Crystal Ball.  These include the continuing investor caution caused by political and economic uncertainty; ongoing societal shifts such as intergenerational transfer of wealth; and the increasing impact of behaviour trends like hyper-personalisation.

Geoffrey Yu, Head of the UK Investment Office at UBS Wealth Management called 2020 “The Year of Choices” and defines elections, China-US trade negotiations and fiscal policy as the three key ‘choices’ which will bring significant impacts to the global investment market.

PwC’s report – Asset Management 2020: A Brave New World highlights the industry landscape in 2020.  They predict a huge rise in investable assets and an increase of HNWIs from emerging populations.  Asset management firms will face pressures from rising regulatory and commercial costs while reducing fees; and regulators will have full transparency over investment activity and products which gives non-compliant managers nowhere to hide.

Allianz Global Investors offers an analysis on sustainable investment strategies in 2020.  It highlights the five focus areas for sustainable investment, summarises investment implications and provides regional outlooks for the US, China, Europe, the UK and Asia Pacific.

There are also many articles on technology and ESG regulatory trends, such as The Top 5 Fintech Trends from Forbes and Regulation Outlook 2020 from Investment Week.