Redesigning the Future of Financial Software Ltd

Our new website is live! The site has had a full refresh, and our whole fintech brand strategy has evolved. Financial Software Ltd. has developed a lot over the last three decades. When our founder David Pirrie started the business in 1994, its focus was, as our name suggests, on software. And we quickly became synonymous with creating CGiX, the industry’s most accurate capital gains calculator.

Since then, we have strived to help our customers deliver more in a constantly changing market. This led us to introduce financial services data and ESG modelling into our suite of specialist investment solutions. Our team also offers tax and data consultancy services to leading banks and wealth firms.

Now more commonly known as FSL, we remain at the forefront of financial services innovation. As such, we wanted our new logo to capture a dynamic, multi-dimensional future. Introducing multiple colours allows us to visually depict different products and areas of the business as these continue to expand. We also used a warmer mix of shades to add vibrancy and energy.

As our breadth of services has grown, so has our customer base. We recognised that each of these segments needs a clear reason for choosing FSL. In author and speaker Simon Sineck’s words: “why is probably the most important message that an organisation or individual can communicate as this is what inspires others to action.” His message helped us navigate a new direction, demonstrating the benefits we bring to all our customers and their clients.

While strengthening the proposition of FSL, starting with a why also spurred us to build a fintech brand strategy for the group. Our parent company, Industrial Thought Ltd. is shaping the future of financial technology and data products. Together with FSL, Raw Knowledge, Thought Ventures, and Thought Train are powering the transition to a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous world. The new FSL branding is synergistic with the group’s broader purpose as well as creating stand-alone impact.

David Pirrie, Founder of FSL and Chairman of Industrial Thought Ltd.: “we are very proud of how FSL has advanced over the years. The new website and branding reflect the transformation so far, and our continuous commitment to innovation.”

Nuno Godinho, Group CEO, Industrial Thought Ltd.:“we wanted to re-evaluate how we communicate and connect as we drive the future of financial services forward. By clarifying our purpose, I am confident that we can build a legacy of innovation and collaboration to benefit future generations.”

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