Some Facts & Figures From CGiX

For some clients, FSL provides secure access to CGiX, our tax calcualtion software, through an internet browser.
This enables the centrally managed upgrades and enhancements to be implemented more frequently and easily.  During 2020, we have seen more clients opt for this type of ‘hosted’ service and have been monitoring the flow of transactions on the system.

Though the majority of clients host CGiX on their own servers, through 2020 CGiX has seen over 380,000 active portfolios on the FSL hosted client environments alone.  These active portfolios are open accounts with more than 1 transaction and have a total asset value of around £551 billion.  The hosted versions of CGiX also processed just under 31.5 million transactions for our clients during last year, peaking in September with just under 4 million transactions.

During the final quarter of 2020, clients logged in to their FSL hosted CGiX system over 25,000 times.

There has also been a compelling start to 2021 for the hosted versions of CGiX, with 11 million calculations being run during Q1.  These numbers reflect our continued investment in product development and CGiX’s ability to provide our clients with valued data and reports.