Stand By Me and the Bethany school

October 2014
As part of the restructure of FSL the management decided to change how we contributed to society through our Corporate Social Responsibility activities.  Previous CSR activities involved giving cash donations to various charitable organisations, unnoticed by the staff and with little follow up as to the real social effect of these donations.

In June we were introduced to Stand By Me, a small charity, run by David Spurdle and his son. The charity build and runs schools in some of the poorest and deprived areas of the world. Stand By Me were just the right fit. As an IP development company we strongly support education but more importantly the charity encourages direct and hands on involvement. We would see where our donations were being spent and would also be supporting this with our time, effort and knowledge.

David Spurdle encouraged FSL to make a visit to the Bethany school in Bekoji, Ethiopia as a technical department was to be constructed to give young children access to a science laboratory and a computer laboratory. During the visit to the school in September, we were so impressed by the contribution that they were making, not only to the school children but to the wider community, that we had to be a part of it.

FSL now support Stand By Me as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme. We strongly encourage others to get involved. Visit for more information.