The Widest Benefit for Bekoji

January 2015
As the building works for the Bethany School technical department proceed at a pace, the scope of what we believe we can achieve with the computer facilities is beginning to take shape.
To be able to provide an education into the capabilities and uses of computers plus exposure to the internet for the school children, the facilities will be necessarily be sophisticated and relatively complex compared to any facilities that exist in Bekoji let alone the school itself. It therefore seems only right that the facilities be opened up to anyone in the village that can benefit, outside of normal school hours, thereby, broadening the benefit to the whole community…. scope creep admittedly, but positive for the better!
In another twist to the project, the FSL Charity Committee have now taken responsibility for recruiting, supporting and funding the salary of the technical department teacher. This makes sense, as they will have to work closely with FSL to maintain equipment and infrastructure as well as advising on elements of the curriculum.
All technically competent applicants, willing to teach a bright bunch of eager young school children, in an extraordinarily beautiful, yet remote part of Ethiopia, please apply.