Working From Home – FSL’s Survival Guide (No. 1)

As an agile organisation that is adapt at evolving to change, the FSL staff are all working remotely to maintain staff health and quell the spread of Coronavirus. After a few weeks of quarantine, the novelty of working from home is admittedly starting to lose its shine, so the team have come up with some hot tips to stay sane productive while staying at home.

On keeping productive:

“1. Keeping ‘To Do’ lists as much as possible.  2. Trying to keep a normal schedule like at work.  3. Distracting the kids with YouTube.” David B.

“Having a separate space for work and being strict about the end of the working day being the end for work.” Andrea W.

​“Drinking plenty of water – keeps you sharp, keeps you healthy and reminds you to have a quick break away from the desk every now and then (smile)” James M.

“Ensure I take a break on a regular basis.  I get some fresh air by walking around my garden listening to an audio book on my headphones just to chill and switch off from work related thoughts and activities. My current listen is Erebus, written and read by Michael Palin. It’s a fascinating true story.” Ken G.

Dare we say it, but what we miss most about the office:

“Fruit – I seem to forget to buy fruit on weekdays.”  Jane P.

“1. There are better breakfast selections on the way to work.  2. I’m having to buy my own milk at home.” David B.

​“Seeing all you guys and having a laugh” Varsha V.

​“Seeing everybody’s lovely faces. Talking without a headset, Maroon Fridays, Breakout room “discussions”  James M.

​​“I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I actually miss the commute!  Not so much the smelly people and the cramped trains but the hour or so I had to myself(ish) to just switch off and watch/listen to whatever I wanted without interruption.”  Andrea W.

​“The opportunity to move away from the desk/PC to interact with others in work….my steps count has gone waaaaaaay down…..”  Ian R.

​“Looking forward to home working.”  Mark T.

​“Two big monitors to work on and and an office chair. The occasional walk home over London Bridge.” Leyla B.

​“The lift {a.k.a Lift Roulette.]”  Nathan D.

We also wondered how the team were filling their free time, from binge watching box sets to searching through their cupboards and fridges for goodies.

Our favourite binge watching boxsets:

“Five Bedrooms on BBC iPlayer”  Andrea W.

​“Line of Duty – it feels like Superintendent Hastings is now my mentor and guardian!  I will be binge watching Star Wars: The Mandalorian on Disney+ but was forced to watch Lady and the Tramp last night! Don’t tell anyone but it’s very good – far better than Lion King live action movie.” Craig H.

​“Netflix – Tiger King, Kingdom, and Formula 1: Drive to Survive Amazon – James May: Our Man in Japan, This is Us, The Office BBC iPlayer – Killing Eve, Life on Mars, Luther, Thirteen, and Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends. ​… Can’t binge watch because it only started this week, but The Nest (with Line of Duty’s Martin Compston) was good on BBC 1, once you get past his accent change.”  David B.

​“James May Our Man in Japan is great, as is Line of Duty / The Bodyguard. Sci-fi / Space fans: Picard and The Expanse on Amazon”. James M.

​​“I smashed through both seasons of The Split (watch it if you like The Good Wife) and the first seasons of FatherMotherSon (has Polly Shelby in from the Peaky Blinders) both BBC IPlayer.” Megan R.

“Ben and Holly’s little kingdom is all I watch.” Joe H.

“I’ve been binge watching Star Trek: Picard on Amazon Prime; highly recommended! 10 episodes in Season 1, with the finale released yesterday.”  Jimmy F.

“Luther – all on BBC iPlayer.”  Mark T.

​“Sky Sport Golf channel.  Every night shows a rerun of one of the golf majors.  As I can’t play at the moment I change into my golf gear, grab a club, and sit and watch. FORE!!!!”  Ken G.

​ “Stir Crazy…. classic! Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor.”  Michael E.

​Watch this space for further editions of our Working From Home Survival Blog.