Working From Home – FSL’s Survival Guide (No. 2)

As the Coronavirus lockdown has been extended, so has our company-wide policy on working remotely so that the business can continue to deliver the service to which our clients are accustomed.

We have found that staying in touch and having candid conversations about how we are managing this period of change has been beneficial to maintaining productivity and staff well-being.  Inevitably during this period of transience, we have been looking to the future at how this experience will change the way we work once social distancing restrictions relax.

We asked staff, on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is not at all and 5 is extremely, how much did they think this experience will change the way we work in the future?  Answers ranged from 3 to 5.  Many of the staff agreed that working in the office and being able to interact easily with each other is now seen as more valuable.  Although all staff indicated they were pleased with the IT infrastructure available, reliance on and the need for appropriate IT infrastructure is absolutely paramount.  This is even more important with the move away from paper-based working.  There are also reports of working from home (WFH) promoting a culture of efficiency in communication, such as assigning client queries to the appropriate individuals directly instead of a blanket email approach.

Staff also reported this experience will lead to an even greater focus on having a good work/life balance and improving mental, as well as physical, health regimes.  Rather than having a Pret lunch at your desk (we’ve all been there, sadly) a little walk at lunchtime, in the fresh air, could lead to greater productivity and overall wellbeing in the afternoon.

Sharing what is keeping us calm and entertained during lockdown has been beneficial to morale.  Those with gardens count themselves very fortunate especially with the good weather we’ve been having.  Those with children who are struggling to keep them entertained, agree that parents who have said they are enjoying this new-found time with their children must be seeing things through rose-tinted spectacles.  To create the illusion of serenity in the home, many are enjoying baking and crafts – with mixed reviews of success.

Podcast recommendations were also shared with special mentions for The Peter Crouch Show, BBC’s News Quiz and, for those interested in ESG, MSCI’s ESG Now episodes.