Work Experience With FSL

“I spent a week at FSL as part of my school’s work experience programme.  I was able to spend time with many of the teams and find out about the business and their work.

I enjoyed finding out about CGiX, the history of tax and how complex it is.  I learnt about Customer Relationship Management systems and liked working with the Sales team to check and update the information on their new CRM system.  I also attended a meeting with a new software supplier and learnt about how it can help the teams at FSL.  On my last day I sat with the QA team who test the software for FSL.  It was fun looking for mistakes in this image of the old Google home screen – I found 21 but apparently there are more to be found.

I spent time with the Research & Marketing team where I updated PowerPoint presentations to the style of the new FSL brand.  My time with the Data team emphasised the importance of accuracy when analysing data, and HR & Finance showed me all the different parts to their role.

I really enjoyed my time with FSL.  Working in an office with so many different areas gave me lots of ideas about what I’d like to do in the future as I decide which A ‘Levels to choose and what career path I might like to follow.”

Sophia W