CGiX 7.7 Release

CGiX version 7.7 was released for client testing in the summer of 2015.

FSL’s continued investment in its product suite ensured the release contained significant performance enhancements, enabling it to handle the large increase in volume experienced by a number of our clients. It was also closely integrated with our Offshore Reporting Funds data products.

Enhancements were made to core functional areas, with both data import and client calculation speeds significantly improved. Faster imports of data enables earlier triggering of the speedier client calculation activity, making the very latest CGT positions available during core business hours.

Version 7.7 has gone live at over 40% our client base, with many others testing for 2016 implementation, making it the most widely used CGiX release across our user community.
The release is the first supporting FSL’s move towards a scheduled release process of enhancements and fixes. We encourage our clients to upgrade on a regular basis to maximise the benefits of our continuous product development.