CGiX Capital Gains Tax Calculation Tool: Benefits for Wealth Managers and Private Banking Sectors

Unlock the potential of FSL’s market-leading CGT software

The complexities of capital gains tax can be a real challenge for the wealth management and private banking sectors. Yet, accurate CGT calculation is crucial to advise clients on the most efficient investment outcomes. CGiX has everything you need to transform the process and provide an efficient service.

Decades of understanding

The success of FSL’s award-winning tax calculation tool is built on 30 years of expertise. We understand how hard it is to excel in today’s market, especially with growing pressure on your team’s time. Perhaps you don’t have sufficient resources to handle the daily tasks needed to ensure accurate reconciliation and reporting. Or your systems might not have the development capability to produce suitable tax reports. In a world where clients expect their personal information to be protected, there are also real risks around data security. As the CGT market leader, we constantly innovate, using the latest data-driven technologies to help wealth managers offer more.

Award-winning features

Our CGiX capital gains tax calculation tool integrates with over 30 proprietary and commercial front and back office systems. It continuously adapts to reflect UK legislation changes and contains all the general rules and evolving variations since 1965. The corporate actions processing component reconciles portfolio transaction histories to an extensive securities database. While the What-If module lets you input accurate CGT implications into your modelling and asset allocation processes. User-friendly reporting makes it easy to deliver precise and reliable information. Plus, you can combine excess reportable income data from FSL for a complete CGT and income tax solution.

Flexibility you can rely on

Not all of our wealth management and private banking customers require the same level of support. If you want a fully managed solution, we can tailor our Software as a Solution and Service Bureau offerings to your needs. The hosted version of our software provides daily checks and reports highlighting errors and showing you how to fix them. You needn’t worry about keeping the software and security certificates up to date. And there is always someone ready to answer your queries. In short, it’s the simplest way to improve efficiency, reduce the total cost of ownership, and enhance your organisation’s resilience.

These are just some of the benefits that make CGiX the most comprehensive tax calculation tool available. Get in touch to book your demo and streamline the process of investment calculation, tracking and reporting.