FSL Collaboration With EnlightenESG

We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration with EnlightenESG, to provide our customers with access to their new ESG application.

EnlightenESG is a new profiling tool that educates and guides financial advisors, wealth managers, and corporates in assessing the ESG preference of their clients and employees. The aim is to bring personal sustainability context to the already well-established risk profile and suitability framework.

EnlightenESG utilises a framework of questions that are designed to identify three areas of motivation to generate a personalised EnlightenESG score.

  • Lifestyle: Day-to-day, how do you incorporate sustainability choices?
  • Policies: How do you feel about ‘big-picture’ sustainability issues?
  • What If’s: How would you feel having undertaken a sustainable investment versus a conventional one

We believe the collaboration will aid our customers in assessing the suitability of ESG investing with their clients.  When EnlightenESG is used in conjunction with ETHiX, it will empower front office personnel:

EnlightenESG identifies relevant areas of focus within ESG investing.

ETHiX analyses client portfolios and models potential adjustments to effectively align the portfolio with the end client’s identified areas of interest, and

To find out more about either EnlightenESG or ETHiX please contact: