Round-up of Expert Predictions for 2022

2021 was a year of disruptions, unique challenges, and adapting to the new normal. As the world continues to grapple with moving beyond Covid and its effects, here we summarize several predictions experts anticipate we will see in 2022.

Reflecting on the most significant outcomes and trends that have shaped the financial sector in 2021, Forrester Research predict 2022 will be the year that open finance will permanently reshape the industry, with banks evolving and adapting their business models towards a more open, collaborative platform approach. Furthermore, Forrester Research expect a surge in partnerships and acquisitions of fintech companies, as a result of the banking industry prioritizing investment in technology.

Natixis Investment Managers surveyed 500 institutional investors in 29 countries, throughout North America, Latina America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The survey respondents include Central Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and Government Pension Plans. The survey found that Covid is no longer seen as the biggest threat to growth, with supply chain disruptions and less supportive central banking policies seen as more crucial. The findings also show information technology, health care and infrastructure are seen as the most attractive sectors for private markets in 2022.

Deloitte’s 2022 Banking and Capital Markets outlook predict banks will start to accommodate cryptocurrencies and if current trajectories hold, innovations in digital assets could revolutionize how money is created, transferred, stored and owned.

ESG is another reoccurring theme, within the 2022 predictions. Experts believe 2022 will likely be a “watershed moment” for the industry, as from 1 January, the EU taxonomy for climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation comes into force.  Investment Week discuss this in greater detail with asset managers across the industry. Furthermore, Invesco’s global head of ESG, Cathrine de Coninck-Lopez, is optimistic about 2022 and believes it will be the year where ESG aspirations meet implementation. She writes about key ESG themes to look out for, in her article for ESG Clarity.

Many technological changes that were implemented through 2021 may continue to drive adaption and transformation in 2022. This article from Finances Online identifies fintech trends which they believe will transform the financial services sector.

Other key industry publications and thought leaders also give their views, take a look at the Mastercard Economics Institute, Portfolio Adviser and Wealth Manager’s Festival of Thematics.