2019 Virgin Pulse Global Challenge Results

FSL participated in the 2019 Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, this was a 100-day challenge that ended in August.

The three FSL teams entered this year did a great job:

  • Together, we made 24,129,771 steps and walked a distance of 15,390 kilometres;
  • 93% of us exceeded 10,000 steps per day;
  • We achieved an average of 11,494 steps per person per day.

Congratulations to all 21 members who took part and successfully completed this year’s challenge.

Warm applause to:

The FSL Top Stepper – Preya, with over 1.7 million steps; and

The Most Active Team – Thank Got That’s Finished, made up of Craig, Darren, David, Jimmy, Matt, Nathan and Zuzana.



A few words from the Captain of the winning team….

“Participating in the Step Challenge was great fun and really competitive. The dedication and competitive spirit shown by my colleagues made this a very exciting challenge. I would like to thank my team members for doing an outstanding job.”

Our Top Stepper Preya commented….

“The Step Challenge pushed me outside my exercise comfort zone. Over time it made me feel a lot better not only physically but mentally too. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have continued to keep up with the exercise – it’s now become a part of my daily routine. Looking forward to taking part next year and beating my step average!”

At FSL, we care about our employees’ health and we try to provide a workplace culture where everyone can be active and healthy.  We hope our employees found this challenge to be beneficial for their health and will join in again next year!