FSL Going Green

Over the past six months FSL has made huge strides in improving their ‘green’ credentials.  As a company, FSL has made efforts to choose the right partners and equipment to help the environment:

  • We use First Mile to perform our recycling. Our recyclable waste goes to the Park Royal depot that has saved over 125,000kg of CO2. It has also smashed the London Mayor’s 2025 recycling target.
  • The fruit in our office is supplied by Fruit 4 London who are winners of the Fleet Environment Award for their electric vehicles. Even the packaging of the fruit is recyclable.
  • All monitors in our office have been replaced with more energy efficient ones, which can save £1,117 per year of power when turned off as opposed to leaving them on stand by.
  • FSL is moving towards a paperless office. Compared to 2018, we are currently using 1,083 less sheets per month and if we continue at this rate, we would save 13,000 sheets of paper by the end of this year.
  • All old IT equipment is either donated to charity or recycled. This includes hard drives, monitors, monitor stands, keyboards, mobile phones, cables, toner cartridges and more.
  • A Quooker hot tap was installed in our kitchen to reduce the amount of electricity used to boil a kettle.
  • FSL also works with Cyclescheme, the UK’s leading tax-free Cycle to Work provider to promote fitness and wellbeing in the workplace.

We have set up a Green Team to oversee changes and improve the environmental consciousness of our employees.  We recently conducted a survey of employees’ green views and habits, based on the responses we received, there have been some positive changes:

  • 86% of our employees highly prioritise the environment at work.
  • All of our employees are aware of the FSL recycle scheme and use it.
  • All of our employees try to minimise paper usage through printing less, printing double-sided, using other media and reusing paper.
  • We also received a number of useful suggestions to consider and apply in the future.

There are an increasing number of environmental concerns needing to be addressed and it is our social responsibility to promote an eco-friendly environment by integrating green practices in our business and homes.

Today, on World Environment Day, we are very aware that protecting the environment for future generations is an undertaking which need efforts from all of us.